Skip Bag Collection 1 Cubic Yard (midi bag).


Up to 1000 kg per bag.

Price £110 + VAT . By making payment you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions


Standard builders’ bag or hippo “midi bag”. Suitable for soil, rubble, general waste. We cannot accept tyres, asbestos, full paint cans, gas bottles and liquids etc.

Please carefully read the skip bag page before placing your order.

Please note if we cannot collect due to overloading, overweight, or if the bag is unreachable, we will refund the payment minus a non-collection fee of £20 to cover our fuel and labour costs.

Note: We do not supply the skip bags this is a collection only service



Our Skip bag collection service is a skip hire alternative. They are suitable for most types of waste. Do not place your order until the bag is full and ready to be collected. We aim to collect within 5 working days. The bag must be accessible at all times Monday to Friday between 8 – 5 pm