Skip Bag Charges

Waste m8 offers a skip bag collection service priced according to the size of the bag.

  • 1 Cubic Yard up to 1000 kg £80 inc VAT
  • 1.5 Cubic Yard up to 1000 kg £115 inc VAT
  • 4.5 Cubic Yard up to 1000kg £175 inc VAT

Skip bag collection services need to be paid for up front and can be done via our store page.


Once loaded, payment is due on collection by cash, card or through the online shop.

Cash or card payment accepted.

Waste Disposal Charges

We charge on how much rubbish you have in yards with a weight limit per yrd, for example 1yrd up to 100kg, then if there was more or it was heavier it goes up to 2yrds or up 200kg and so on, quite simply “space” or “weight” used on the truck once loaded, the truck is fitted with on board weigh scales. 

  • 1 cubic yard or up to 100kg = £45
  • 2 cubic yards or up to 200kg = £70
  • 3 cubic yards or up to 300kg = £95
  • 4 cubic yards or up to 400kg = £120
  • 6 cubic yards or up to 600kg = £165
  • 8 cubic yards or up to 800kg = £215
  • 10 cubic yards or up to 1,000kg = £260
  • 12 cubic yards or up to 1,200kg = £310